I breathe in & find my heart beating too fast;
I am a car racing down the highway with no GPS.
Reaching for something in the distance that
takes no shape yet; I can almost taste it.
Moving makes me dizzy; it’s almost like lust.
When your hands are laying all across
my body, when your mouth is moving
across my bust. I take a deep breath
but I can’t slow down; propelled forward,
it’s like I’m not even touching the ground.


When I dream, the moon speaks to me.
She whispers secrets, she fills my mind
with inspiration. When I wake, the books
call for me; writers coming back from
the grave to share something beautifully
said. I close my eyes to meditate and
tears fall; my chest filling with air that
I had previously thought didn’t belong


I’m on a journey; mysterious and long.
I’m on a high but it’s not from any drugs.
I dig deep into my heart and I find a drive,
a love… that is so unfamiliar but also feels
like a hug. I’ve waited for long to accept
what was; the universe pushing me to
plant roots as I stood stubborn and
unsure. Now, it’s as if, we hold hands
as it storms…My body, soul, and mind
nourished; rebirth and growth.
Preparing to flourish.


ReBecca DeFazio

More Than a Flower