Giving Love

Giving Love A Name.


You lie in my arms

like a comforter,

your heart rests in

my hands like a hot

cup of coffee,

your breath lingers

on my skin like a

cool autumn breeze.

I sigh into the safety

that I have found in you.

In us.


You always return to our love

like a train returns to it’s station.

You are without stops in between.

We have taught each other

what love looks like;

loved long enough to know

that the waves rush in

strong but also roll out

slowly. Tides ever-changing

throughout life but love…

love chooses to stay.

You choose to stay;

arms embracing me

in the darkest moments.

I choose to stay;

fingers running through

your hair as you cry.


I lie in your arms

and I feel small;


My heart rests in your

hands like a cannoli,

my words linger

in your mind.

You sigh into the

love that I’ve learned

to give.


We fall asleep in this love

that we’ve created

and named home.