Tides of Me_ Quick Update

The Tides of Me: A Quick Update.

October is so near! I have been working hard on The Tides of Me. The editing is all done at this point (besides a small font problem that will have to be adjusted in the next week or so) and the art is all underway! I am so excited and amazed by how far I have come in the past couple years. It really has been a journey and The Tides of Me is just the beginning!

There will be 27 pages of art and I am so stoked to see everything done and put together. I have been working with one of the sweetest artists (Jewelle!) and I feel so lucky to have found her through the recommendation of a friend. This amazing artist is the same one that has helped me with the book cover, the website and the merch pieces that I will be showing to you soon, as well! So, if you love the art that I’ve already shared with you so far, you are sure to love the art inside the book!

I’m going to be sharing more about the Tides of Me and the poems that lie inside, on my Patreon account which I am currently setting up! These will not be normal blog updates. There will be in depth videos, audio clips, and journal posts about some of the poems and quotes; diving into what was happening in my life when they were written. I’m super excited to do this; Patreon will bring a whole new level to everything I am working on and there will be more content than ever!

I know people have been wanting a sneak peek of what is inside The Tides of Me so, I decided I would share a couple pieces from inside the book in this update! I hope that you like them!