October Girl; Writing, Dreams

October Girl

I am an October girl; getting lost in the leaves…always wandering. There is something that is beautiful about the way the leaves fall, the way they lie, the way they collect my tears as my heart overflows. In the way they hold me once I have emptied myself out and sit with those feelings; numbness washing over me but the sun doing it’s best in covering me in it’s cold breeze warmth. I am such an October girl; writing poetry in hay barrel filled fields and wondering what it would be like to live big city dreams; brown hair hanging in my face as a hazel eyed boy writes about how he loves my freckles. I’m such an October girl; swinging in the library park with a book in one hand, sweater hanging loose on my body, Birdy singing sad songs into my ears… Such a moody, emotional, girl that everyone sees as confident and ready to take on the world. I promise.. I’m such a lost girl… doing anything it takes to be loved.