Welcome To My Blog

Welcome to my official website!!

After a lot of hard work we are finally here!

I have been trying to put this website together so that I could share even more with you all; a place where you can come and always find me and my words. I have come such a long way in my journey when it comes to writing; I have (mostly) gotten over the self-doubt that used to consume me and keep me from sharing my work which has led me to publish this website, blog, all of my works, a book, a shop, and so much more! It is insane to me and sometimes I still struggle with the doubts (I mean, who am I to be doing all of these things?) but you guys keep me believing and loving every single second of this scary but beautiful journey! I wanted to thank you all because A LOT of this is happening because of you! You’re messages of encouragement, of love, of raw honesty have brought me to this place where I am now ready to share my stories, my journey, and grow and learn beside all of you through words and poetry. Thank you so much. You’ll never know how much this truly means to me. Welcome to my official website!

Some things you’ll find here:

  • The about me page where you can find a more in-depth introduction and get to know me a little bit more.
  • Book News!! If you see the image on the homepage, you will see that there are a few books in the stacks…The Tides of Me being one of them.. There are more books to come and I will be sharing all about them on this page!
  • The blog! I will be blogging. I can’t promise it will be daily but it will happen a couple times a week at least! I will share things about my life, my mental health journey, my writing, etc.
  • Quotes! I made this little quote page for all of the more “artsy” poems that I have put together so that you can share them as you like! Pin them, share them to instagram, post them to facebook, text them to your friends, siblings, parents, loved ones, whatever! They are there for you to see and share anytime!
  • Exclusive long form poetry!! This will only be shared here on this website. Not on Tumblr, Instagram, etc. I love to write in a more prose style so I am so excited to share this with you guys and I truly hope you’ll enjoy it!
  • The shop! This is my Etsy shop! You can get all kinds of digital poetry prints here as well as (in the future) signed books and other things. I am working on some surprise things that I can’t wait to share with you guys!
  • The Freebies page has some phone backgrounds, lock screens backgrounds, and downloadable poetry prints that you can download and print out for free to hang around your home, office, place in your “poetry space,” etc. There will be new things added to this page every once in a while but some things are already up now! It’s not much but I wanted to be able to give back something to everyone who continues to love and support me and my words.
  • The news and events page is mostly for future use so right now it’s a little bare but I will use this page in the future for things like meet ups and workshops! I have SO MUCH planned for the future!
  • Favorites… I wanted to share more about me, right? I want you to know me! So, I included this favorites page that has a bunch of things I love. Books, music, quotes, and other writers and authors as well.
  • FAQ – Just to make life a little easier for everyone. I put up a page for the most frequently asked questions. •Contact page where you can send me ANYTHING!
  • Finally, the last page is the newsletter page! You can go here and sign up for my weekly newsletter where I will share exclusive things (poems, mantras, challenges), reminders for anything you might have missed (blog posts, youtube videos, instagram posts), as well as details for things like giveaways, contests, events, new book releases, etc.

Again I just wanted to say thank you so much. Time is not free so I truly appreciate every time you read my words, comment, message, and share. It’s such an amazing thing to be able to feel something, write it down and have others relate. Thank you for helping me create this amazing space and helping me to feel like I’m not alone in my feelings and struggles. You all are so amazing!!!

Much love,

ReBecca DeFazio🖤 ✨