A Writing Ritual; 5 Ways To Create One.

Happy Sunday everyone!! As I was sitting on my couch working on a few different writing projects I started thinking about what my “writing ritual” looks like… Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I am a “write at Starbucks with a latte” kind of writer or a “ridiculous always on the go” writer… This has been something I’ve been wanting to change a little and so here we are!

Creating a writing ritual could be both beneficial to your writing and  your mental health. Making your writing time more special and more personal is a nice way to keep your creative juices flowing as well and making it about more than just creating content.

I love to write; writing is my escape, my me-time, my break from “adulting”, my passion…but that doesn’t mean that I don’t sometimes I get tired of writing. Tired of producing “content”; tired of expressing. We all need a breather sometimes! This is why writers go on writing retreats or take trips, to get out and do some new things in their lives which then makes it so they are able to come back refreshed with new ideas and feelings for new projects.

I know some of you are probably thinking, “I don’t have time for this kind of writing.” Especially if you’re not a full time writer or even if you are! If you’re a stay at home mom, a working mom, a student, or work a full time job, finding time to write in general is already a difficult thing! These steps are absolutely customizable! Take some and leave some if necessary! Don’t make it an everyday ritual, make it shorter, etc. Remember though, that if this is something you would love to do and you feel you need it, want it, love it, then make time! You are the best you you can be when you are doing things you love and taking care of your creative energy.



So, here are few ways that you can make your writing into more of a ritual:

  • Start your writing ritual with a quick meditation session! It doesn’t have to be long even 5 or 10 minutes is enough! Sit down, get comfortable (this is super important!), and place an intention; whether that intention is to write a poem, to dig a little deeper in your writing session, or work on something specific, whatever it may be. If you don’t like meditation or you haven’t find the right practice for you yet, maybe start by listening to a writing based podcast. There are a lot out there and it doesn’t even have to be writing centered, it could be creative centered, something like a Ted-Talk even! Just something that puts you in the best mindset for creating.
  • Before sitting down to work on a writing project, do a quick brain dump, or *morning pages. I love morning pages (they don’t have to be done in the morning!) and I’ve been doing them on and off for a couple years now. They definitely help you to let out anything that is blocking the creative juices from coming out. Dump your worries, your to-do lists, your fears about the writing project you’re working on, your frustration with a poem that you’re working on, everything! Let it out there before diving into everything else and get yourself into the right mindset.
  • Create a playlist for while you’re writing. You can have a couple even so you can change it up every once in a while. Choose a few songs that make you feel inspired, calm, and ready to get your fingers tapping. Turn on the playlist once you’re ready to start! After a while, whenever you turn on those playlists; your brain will click – “Hey! Time to write!”
  • Wear something comfy! Something that you can sit in happily for a while, get your water, your wine, your coffee, whatever it is that you like, set it at your desk, beside your couch, whatever! Make sure you have your pens, your notebooks, your laptop, your phone, all your chargers.. all the things you might need and dedicate that space to writing for that time. I know so many writers who cuddle up on their couch surrounded by all the things they need as soon as their little ones are tucked into bed and this is awesome!
  • Finally, set an amount of time that you’re going to spend in this space. It doesn’t have to be all night or “until you write something.” It can be an hour long session of you just writing “they” and erasing it a hundred times. Don’t set too many expectations for yourself. Remember that writing should be fun (especially if you are writing as just a hobby!) Be gentle with yourself! Getting into a routine or creating a ritual will help you eventually get into a flow but it won’t be automatically magical; this shiz takes time!

Good luck to all my fellow writers! You are all incredible and I am proud of us and all the things we create with this ever growing love of words we have. Remember to take care of yourself as you start the new week! Stay hydrated, read, repeat needed mantras, rest, and make room for fun!


* If you want to check out more info about morning pages you can read this book and check out this blog post!