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Book Review: Child of The Moon

Rating: ✩✩✩✩✩

While wandering around my favorite bookstore in BGC, Taguig, Philippines, (obviously, something I do quite often) I stumbled upon this beautiful book titled Child of the moon. I had never heard of the author before but I was drawn in by the incredible artwork inside the book. Child of the moon has such a beautiful cover, as well… It feels almost like velvet when you pick it up and then once you open it up, you are surprised by the beautiful glossy pages full of incredible art like you’ve have never seen before in a poetry book. When I bought this book, I did not read the back cover. So, when I sat down and started to read, I did not expect to be literally in tears. This beautiful collection of poetry touches upon so much trauma; mostly childhood trauma. The author was born and raised in Lebanon and had gone through the Lebanese Civil War as well as a childhood where her parents were not in the most loving of relationships.

The introduction is also something I have never really seen in a poetry book; it is so different and so beautifully done. Before you are even really inside the book, she has written a touching introduction and 5 pieces of poetry that go alongside that introduction. Jessica put so much thought into each and every page of this book; it flows so effortlessly and shows her heart so clearly. You cannot help but fall in love just after the first few pages!





The chapters are organized by different moons;

  1. Blood Moon.
  2. Half Moon.
  3. New Moon.
  4. Flower Moon


Even the table of contents is so beautifully done. I did not know that a flower moon is actually a May full moon. It is often called that because of the flowers that bloom during that month. I could not help but become instantly obsessed! The entire theme is honestly, brilliant. I adore every single decision she made as far as the aesthetic of this collection.









Blood moon contains a lot of the trauma; particularly childhood trauma from growing up in a war zone of “love” as well as physical war.

She writes,

“The sound of the Israeli jets

Crouching on the balcony, dripping in sweat

Alone in my plight

I took refuge in the moon so bright.”

She writes about being alone, about feeling like her body is a dangerous one to be in, and how she cannot imagine having her needs, as a child, actually being met. This book, I swear, is so full of emotion, you will need to take a few deep breaths to get through it. It is very much through the “eyes of a child”; her words heartbreaking and piercing.

She also shares her thoughts on culture in America and how generations that once carried their families names and stories, now have “names without meaning.” She brings light to how truly difficult it is to be integrated into American society because of how they are viewed for having their own unique background, beliefs, and customs. Although, this poem is short, it is full of heartache that grabs at your soul.

She writes,

“Abla, Jalileh, Aida, Almaz…Jessica

When they colonize our culture we go from names that tell

stories to names that have no meaning”

She also talks about activism, about visiting standing rock and standing with the chiefs of the Native Tribes as the government fights to put in the pipeline.

This woman blows me away; her incredible courage, bravery, and sheer strength is inspiring.


This beautiful book brings you along on her journey. She talks about depression, anxiety, shame, fear, anger, and in the end finds self acceptance and healing through writing and realizing that she is a survivor; a warrior. She writes about healing in a way that is so relevant and true; diving into **re-parenting and opening your heart to the child within. This is a huge conversation of importance and I am so happy that she has now created a space where people can read about this, have conversation about it, and bring awareness to it! She ends the book on a happier note with empowering pieces that make you feel like you have won the battle; showing you that there is light after dark, as life goes on with the ebb and flow.

I am so happy to have picked up this incredible book and I hope that you also will go grab yourself a copy! You can purchase it here on amazon or you can purchase it at any Fully Booked or National Book Store in the Philippines. (I was told if they don’t have any copies, you can just ask them to order it for you with no extra charge!) You can find Jessica on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

**Re-parenting is a technique that is used for people who go through trauma as children wherein you are able to be a parent to your inner-child; creating safety within your body and mind by giving yourself what you didn’t receive as a child.