Book Review: The Cult of Two by Michael Faudet

Rating: ✩✩✩✩✩

So, most people know that Lang Leav is one of my favorite writers but her hubby, Michael is also always on my “To read” list; they’re both incredible writers! I discovered Michael first and loved his books from the very beginning and only fell deeper in love with both of their work once I realized that they were a couple! I think Michael is one of the only male poets that are signed to Andrews Mcmeel that I actually like…He is brilliant and writes from his own perspective about love and life which I enjoy. I have read all of his previous books and I think that this one is my favorite, to be honest.

He opened it up with a beautiful dedication to Lang; it was so romantic and gorgeous. It’s also a poem within the book itself (towards the end.) The introduction really draws you in immediately but especially when he writes “this book is fucking haunted.” I love it! I can see how it’s haunted because it seems like it’s full of his past; past lovers, past relationships, loss, and grief…but I wonder if these poems could be a secret story. Where Lang plays different women throughout the book. It’s interesting to think of and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

His poem “Love Defined” was one of my favorites. It’s so loving and encouraging! He writes,

“Burn all the dictionaries, tear up the tired metaphors, and tell

all the poets to go to hell. For you are the true definition of love.

The only one I shall ever need.”

Aside from his incredible love poems, beautiful imagery, and the amazingly fragile line that he dances on between love poetry and erotica (in the beginning of the book)… He also adds in a little humor. He writes in a poem how herding a bunch of cats with one arm tired behind is back would be easier to control than his feelings for his beloved and it cracked me up just picturing this scene!

He really dives into the erotica once were towards the middle of the book and it’s fiery and full of kinks. His story telling skills are beautiful; he easily entrances the reader and I love that he tells these stories because although I know (logically) they are past lovers and experiences (probably?)… I also think it would be an interesting twist if these other women (who also show up in his other book ((or books)) as well, I believe) were secret identities that Lang has taken on over their years together to spice things up. Especially during one of his pieces which plays out a fantasy as a kind of wedding anniversary celebration.

I also really enjoyed the piece about Todd and Sarah, I wasn’t sure that I would but he ended it so perfectly and it made me smile. There aren’t always these kind of endings to pieces that start out in an abusive tone. He did such a great job creating the story that seemed as though it wouldn’t end perfectly but then right at the end it twisted into what I could have only hoped the ending would have looked like. It was real and whimsical which I loved. (Not giving away spoilers here, so definitely read it!)

Last thing I want to talk about is how he touches on both depression and society issues which I was happy to see. I especially loved this piece “Black Rain.”

“The pitter-patter

of droplets bleak,

no end in sight,

no grief complete—

this endless sorrow

for which I speak.”

I also loved the added sarcasm to his piece about society titled “Mass Delusion.” He talks about all the damage being doing to the world vs first world problems like Instagram being down and how people react to these problems. I love to see poets voice their opinions about society and other big world topics so this was a pleasant surprise and a brilliant addition to this beautiful book of poetry.

I read the entire book in one sitting; literally was sucked in. I truly enjoyed it and I would absolutely say, go get it!! You can buy it at any bookstore, including in the Philippines! I bought my copy at Fully Booked in BGC, Taguig. You can also grab it here on Amazon.

Thank you so much for reading and let me know in the comments if you liked it as much as I did or if you’re excited to buy it! I’d love to chat about it!