Samantha Rose’s Writing & Healing Session

My Experience With Samantha Rose’s Writing & Healing Session:

I’m not going to lie, I was a little anxious to start the session because I really had never done anything like that before but I adore Sam and all of her work so when I saw she was doing the sessions, I knew I wanted to try it.. I just had to work up the courage and convince myself that it was okay for me to spend a little money on myself to try something new (mom problems! haha!). I really felt like I had to do the session, like it was a sign, when it was once again brought to my attention. So, I went for it and booked the session! I’m so happy that I did, too because it was truly a wonderful and unique experience.


So, going into the session, I didn’t really have any expectations of what we would be doing or what we would be talking about which I liked because I think it put my mind in a state of openness instead of having a list of talking points or something, which being a little bit of an organization freak, I would have totally put together if I had any ideas of what would be going on. We started the call by just greeting each other and then went into how I was feeling, I admitted that I was a little anxious considering I don’t normally talk to many people on FaceTime besides my mom or husband, haha! She was super sweet and empathized while also sharing an experience where she felt similar. We went into some deep breathing and then she started asking some great questions! These questions seemed personal which I loved. It got me to dig deep and think about myself, my writing, and my healing journey in ways that I hadn’t really thought of before. Sam is very easy to communicate with, she seems very understanding, down to earth, authentic, and honestly, raw. She doesn’t shy away from sharing her own thoughts, feelings, or experiences so, you really feel like you are completely understood and not at all judged throughout the session. We were easily able to find common ground between each other which is always nice and made it all the better.


She was able to give me some things to think about through her questions and also a free writing session. This challenged me to think more about what we had dug up and brought to life and why these things were coming out in the first place. She also was able to challenge me to dig deeper by giving me a new project to work on which I am really excited to start and hopefully share with all of you in the future.


It’s been a few days since the session and I have started working on the project that she had challenged me to start and so far, I’m really liking it. I’ve already consciously made some shifts in my writing, I feel, which is pretty awesome and I’m looking forward to sharing more (I’ve already started working on a post for my Patreon) because I think it could be something that a lot of people actually deal with and I just never really through about it before… So, if you guys would like to check out that make sure you go check out my Patreon here!


I would definitely recommend doing a session with Sam and see what she helps you bring out in yourself! She is honestly incredible and truly inspired me to see a lot of things that maybe, I had been avoiding before and I think that these things coming to light can really transform my life and bring growth to my writing; bringing it to a more authentic and happy place.


If you guys want to check out Sam’s sessions, please click here! You can also find her on Instagram! I wouldn’t recommend something I didn’t believe in so I hope you believe me when I say, I truly recommend anyone (writer or not) to hang out with Sam for a session and just see what happens!


Thank you so much, Sam! I truly enjoyed our session together and I think we should do another one in the near future! Thank you to everyone who read this and please let me know if you decided to try out a session with Sam, if you’d like to share that! Also, be sure to look out for a post from me on I Am Poetry Magazine! I will be interviewing Sam and asking her some questions about these sessions, as well.


P.S. For all those moms out there who might be reading this, it was 100% worth the money and you deserve to spend some cash on yourself, your wellbeing, and your growth! I’m sending you a hug and letting you, especially you, know that you should go for it if you feel called to do so!