Poet Typewriter

What Is Poetry?

The answer is everything.

I stumbled upon a series of prompts put together by an incredible poet named Courtney Phillips that inspired me to create a poem that both brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face. It was a thoughtful prompt that made me dig a little deeper and caused me to think even more outside of the poem itself.

What is poetry? For me, poetry is everything. It is another way for me to express myself, share my thoughts, feelings, questions.. It is also another way for me to let things go. I am able to create these poems and then set them free into the world and it carries a different feeling than just writing it and leaving it to become lost inside my laptop. When I put it out into the world, it’s like it’s no longer mine to carry. A weight that has been dropped into an ocean…and on top of that, once shared, the feedback is always loving, supportive, and beautiful.

There have been many people in my life that do not understand poetry; that don’t see the connection between writing and healing. Poetry has been healing for me, though. I have used poetry my entire life as a way to cope with sadness, anger, grief, depressions, loneliness… I have also used it to express happiness, love, excitement, new chapters, and growth… Poetry has been my friend; it has held my hand, hugged me, and loved me unconditionally. Poetry has given me art, friends, passion, and healing.

What does poetry mean to you?

Check out Courtney’s website, Etsy shop, and maybe even send her a coffee! You are sure to adore her; her work is truly wonderful!